Carlisle Collection

The Carlisle Collection draws inspiration from nature’s rich colours & textures. The garments in this collection showcase abstract prints, evoking mesmerising patterns found in wind-swept paddocks and shimmering Autumn Seas. At the same time, the soft fabric reminds you of the comforting touch of fallen leaves.

Winter Workwear

Winter workwear can be cosy and chic, with lovely dresses and stylish fits that effortlessly blend warmth and professionalism—layer with a sophisticated coat for added warmth and refinement. Foxwood Clothing’s workwear pieces effortlessly marry comfort with style, ensuring you feel confident and polished throughout the colder months.

Driven by Simplicity. Centered on Style.

At Foxwood Clothing we want to empower every woman to look and feel her best by finding her own style.

She finds it. She owns it. She's confident!