Nobody grows up dreaming of being a single Mum nor believes they'll suffer child loss, but if you're Amie Rohan, a Single Mum of 2 adorable tots here on earth and 1 in heaven, life shapes you; it's what you make it and, it's busy!

The Foxwood Team were fortunate enough to spend a morning with Amie and her adorable daughters, Bella 4 and Sadie 2, for a morning of super fun pancake making, before getting outdoors for some fresh sea air to give the new LeisureFit range a test drive!

In 2017 Amie learned she was pregnant; at her 7-week scan, Amie found out it was with twins, and at 11 weeks was given the devastating news that one of her baby girls had Anencephalyone, a neural tube defect that meant she had no chance of survival. Bella and Willow were born on April 12th, 2018. Willow survived for 5 hours, with Amie stating, 'they were the most perfect 5 hours with my darling little angel.' This life experience, the grief and journey towards healing, has driven Amie's tireless ambassador work with her beloved charities Red Nose Day & One-In-Five and the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. 

Sadie Rose was born in March 2020. In July of 2020, Amie became a single parent. Rather than dwell on the past, Amie's philosophy is that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. So Amie moves forward one step at a time, and life is busy.

Amie was an obvious choice to show off the new Foxwood LeisureFit range with her regular charity work, a day job in fashion retail, and endless running around after little girls. Foxwood designed the LeisureFit range to cater for people with an active life who need their clothing to flex across all their daily activities without having to change.

Amie wore LeisureFit Melon Fly Tee with the easy-to-pull-on Staple Skirt to whip up pancakes with the girls and then layered up with the Barre Hoody, a versatile short sleeve hooded fleece for a bit of extra warmth before heading out for their walk.

Coffee first at their favourite local cafe, followed by a brisk walk along the Main Beach foreshore, called for some extra layers. The Eclipse Spray Jacket with gorgeous colour block recycled shell and pretty floral lining and piping was the perfect addition for extra warmth and easy to pack in a bag, thanks to its lightweight nature.

When we farewelled Amie, Sadie had fallen asleep in the pram, so she planned to get a bit longer walk in before dropping the girls off at daycare and heading into work. The days' workwear? LeisureFit floral leggings and the Reform Crew are some colour and comfort for many more busy work hours ahead!

September 08, 2023